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Renowned for fine craftsmanship, exceptional tone and high quality semitone levers, the Norris Harp is regarded by many leading players as the finest small harp available.

... A Norris Harp is exceptionally good 'value for money' for such a high quality instrument.

... only the finest quality materials are used for the best appearance, strength and sound quality.

... the eight hundred and fifty precision engineered, brass and stainless steel components in each set of Norris Semitone Levers cost many times more than an ordinary set of levers.

... with 20 years of design and production experience, and a well equipped modern workshop, Norris Harps are made in a very efficient and cost effective way - but the meticulous workmanship and quality of finish required does take both skilled craftsmanship and a lot of time!

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A Lute back harp in English Walnut

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